Bespoke rugs in Wakefield

Booths Carpets and Furnishings stock a range of rugs in a variety of colours and sizes for you to choose from, as well as bespoke rugs made to your specifications.

Our rug range

At Booths we know the difference a good rug can make to a home. The colour, shape and design of the rug are important, as well as it’s placement in the room. If, like many people, you have switched from carpets to flooring, a rug can truly complete your room.

Materials are another essential factor when picking the right rug for your home, as the right texture can complement rooms that feature patterned walls and fabrics. It is also worth bearing in mind that a rug can reduce noise and retain warmth in a room with hardwood flooring. To keep a rug in place, you can use ‘anti-rug creep’ self-adhesive or tacky underlay.

We stock many rugs from well-known brands such as Flair Rugs, Alternative Flooring and Crucial Trading. Visit our showroom to see the full range and our team will be happy to help you pick the right rug for your home.

If you require, we can tailor a rug to the size you need with a choice of edging. Our team can help you pick the colour and style to suit the decor of your room, so contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll do the rest.


To view our full selection of rugs, call us today to book an appointment to visit our showroom.

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